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A Must-Read
Novel Series by:
Alex Matthews

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"This book is quite the wild ride! If you or teen reader you love is interested in a great story set in a dystopian future that involves adventure, zombies, explosions and a kid having to decide what he believes in… this is for you!

The writing is vibrant, engaging and packed with juicy descriptions that will stick with you long after you've turned the page. You might not want to read this late at night or in the dark. But you definitely want to read it!"

- Drew McLellan 

May 25th, 2020


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Before the bioweapon was created, Timberwolf was simply known as Alex and his home was a safe place. But when a monstrous sickness was released into the world everything changed. 

Timberwolf would've never predicted that in just one day, all that mattered to him could be shredded by the fangs of those creatures. 

Follow him and his new companions as they are forced to engage in a world controlled by leaders who blur the lines between humans and monsters. 

Can they stay true to their values... let alone survive? Or will all hope be lost in this new place he has to call home? 

About the book

Alex's Story

Alex Matthews has always been enthusiastic about being a storyteller.  Over these last few years, he has become an award-winning actor and filmmaker as he actively pursues what he loves doing.


Waking Up is his debut novel series based on a number of distinct dreams he had as a kid. He is excited to share the story that came from his dreams. 

Alex is currently attending an acting school in Los Angeles. While he furthers his career in the entertainment industry, he continues to work on writing and developing future novels. 


Monster Portraits by Eli Borrgestad


Waking Up: A Cry for help
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